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Elle Moon - They Don't Care About Us (Official Video)

Elle Moon - They Don't Care About Us (Official Video)

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Elle Moon - LA Feels (Official Video)

Elle Moon - LA Feels (Official Video)

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Elle Moon - Hello World (Official Video)

Elle Moon - Hello World (Official Video)

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In 2020, I founded the 'We The People' movement store, an online clothing store that makes apparel for Activists, Creatives and Innovators. 

In November 2020, I launched my second clothing store, called 'BLASPHÈME' - the Anti-Brand, made for Decadent Fashionistas. The clothing line contains 13 Unique, Artistic Parodies and Cartoons

If you're looking to learn more about me in my most recent interview for the Atlanta based publication CanvasRebel, click on the button below for more

If you're interested in learning more about my work in the Film and Music industries, you can also read my Jejune Magazine featured article


What does 2023 hold? I'm currently in the process of completing my visual album 'Purple Skies' just in time to release my second album by early Summer. I'm currently producing, directing and starring in my upcoming music videos under my stage name 'Elle Moon'

My multi-media Production, Record label and PR company 'Moon Scope Records' founded in 2021 is set to release a series of educational videos that teach young and prospective film enthusiasts the inside details of the industry. Moreover, we're currently producing two Comedy series meant for streaming 

If you'd like to get a dose of Dopamine, then you'll enjoy watching my Mockumentary Series, 'Banana Time Paris : A Retrospective' and 'Real Instagram Royals of Atlanta'

If you're interested in learning more about the projects I was and am currently involved in, you can refer to my Resume or reach out to me by sending me an email


My name is Lara Mamoun, I'm a 30 year old Award-winning Screenwriter, Singer, Actress, Director, Producer, Comedian, Composer, Script Supervisor, Camera Operator, Website Designer and Entrepreneur. I'm fluent in French, English, Spanish and Arabic. I have a background in Economics, Engineering and the Arts

I worked as the UPM and Producer for the 'Teen Wolf' movie's (2023) EPK for MTV and Paramount+. I also worked as an Assistant Director on 'Wild N' Out' Seasons 19-20 EPK and most recently as a Director on a campaign for The Economist on the sustainability of Schnitzer in 2023

In 2021, I released my Debut Album 'Purple Skies' under my stage name Elle Moon. I wrote, sang and produced the music for my Electro-Pop, Rap and EDM album. My songs are currently playing on over 150 radio stations worldwide, 2,300 playlists and have surpassed 1,000,000 streams on Spotify and my music can be found on every major streaming platform. To listen to my music on Spotify, click on the link below

I worked as a 1st Assistant Director, Lead Actress, Script Supervisor and Line Producer in the upcoming Netflix film 'Couples' Trip' - which I co-wrote. I was also the 2nd Assistant Director and Script Supervisor in two upcoming Netflix movies, 'The Drone That Saved Christmas' and 'The Microchip that Ruined Halloween'

I was a Lead Cast member on the Season 1 of the Live Sketch Comedy show, 'The Going Live Show', which consisted of Live sketches, musical and dance performances. Season 2 is set to film in Summer 2023

I was the Screenwriter for the adult animation show called 'Chicken Star' created by Dorian Semencic, that's in pre-production and is in its early developmental stages with London execs

I currently write, direct, camera operate and produce Short films, Music videos and Commercials for Clients and Production companies nationwide

Some of my past work for my acclaimed Sci-Fi short film entitled 'MyWorld', that I wrote, produced, directed and acted in premiered in Atlanta, GA in July 2020 and gained a series of accolades for Directing, Drama ensemble and Best Actress for my role as Gaia Silic in it

I also wrote a comedy web-series, called 'We're Making A Movie', that also gained a series of acclamations for the series' screenplays (Ep. 1 & 2) 




Currently represented by Moon Scope Records, LLC


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